Thursday, May 22, 2014

Another successful concrete pour, #4 in 6 weeks

It has been another busy two weeks at Caribbean Palm Villa.  In this time we have formed all of the lower level walls both interior and exterior.  On this level there are two bedrooms with en suite bathrooms both of which feature ocean views to Rams Head and outdoor showers. The picture above is the morning of the pour.  The pictures below will give you some idea as to the work and preparation needed to get to this point.

To begin the process of forming the walls, all of the interior forms are erected first.

Snap ties which hold the two plywood forms together are then inserted into the forms.

Next, literally tons of rebar and all window and door openings are put in their respective places.  Once secured, this areas will displace concrete and once the forms are removed the openings will be ready to install the respective window or door.  Simultaneously the plumber and electrician visit the site and layout and secure their mechanicals to the rebar.

 John and the AC contractor, Daryl installed the line sets for the air conditioners that we most likely will rarely use due to the awesome trade winds this Villa receives.
Yes john is getting a good tan but that is not him in the forefront.  Its one of our hard working concrete men they call Blanc.
 View from the street.  We had to use a pump truck this time around.

This picture was take yesterday after the forms were stripped.  This view is from one of the lower level master suites.  Looks amazing, the views keep getting better.

With this last pour we finally have reach the elevation of the upper floor.  Standing on the top of the forms this is the view from the upper Bedroom. 

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