Sunday, April 27, 2014

Been A BUSY two weeks, forming up lower level slab and balconies...

Over the past two weeks we have stripped and waterproofed the cistern walls, applying the first coat of Thoroseal on the interior of the cistern walls.  On the left side of the picture the framing and bracing required to support the slab that will be poured this coming Thursday.  The two larger openings are the cisterns that will hold just under 30,000 gallons of water which is collected from the roof.

In preparation for the lower level slab, we are completing digging the back wall of the villa which takes the wall to the pool wall.  The area where the bucket from the machine is actually one of the lower level en suite baths, which will feature an indoor/outdoor shower with an amazing view.

In efforts to save money and expedite stripping of the lower level floor once poured, we visited the local garbage dump and utilized old galvanized roofing material to form the underside of the lower level floor.  In these floors will be the cistern hatches which would not allow a full sheet of plywood to fit through once stripped from the underside of the slab.  The galvanized metal will roll up and fit easily through the cistern hatch opening.

Part of the preparation of the next slab pour we excavated the interior stairway and the lower level storage rooms.  This completes excavation for the lower level of the villa.  Also, the end of any additional major excavation.

Plumbing roughens were completed as of Friday the 25th and the electrician will begin Monday to rough-in before Thursdays concrete pour.

The forming above is the beginning of the pool area.  This is the actual pump room that will house the pool equipment.

I always like to add another amazing picture of the view, which as we get higher in elevation becomes more beautiful than the last picture taken.
Big week this week, a major concrete pour happening, more information and pictures to come.
Have a great week and thank you for checking out our blog.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

2nd Concrete pour in two weeks. Moving along swiftly

As the contractor for this new pool villa, Caribbean Palm Properties (a.k.a John and Denise Obbagy) hired Alex Brooks of Creative Builders to excavate and to handle all concrete work.
We have many pictures this week, as Alex runs an efficient crew working 4 (10) hour days a week.
First concrete forms went up for the cistern walls.

Being that these are the cistern walls, we installed a product called waterstop which is the gray material at the base of the rebar.  This will help keep the cistern water tight.

All the inside panels for the concrete forms are now in place. Next is installation of the rebar both vertically and horizontally.  

The mass amounts of rebar used is to strengthen the concrete walls in efforts to secure the villa against hurricane or earthquake damage.

We built a temporary plywood floor so the concrete contractors could move around easily during the five hour pour. 

Extra bracing is put in place to help keep the concrete forms in place during the pour due to the heavy and large amount of concrete.  This will help prevent blowouts which can be catastrophic during a big concrete pour.

Another view of not only the concrete forms but the amazing mountainous views of the National Park in the distance.

This was the "Ah Ha" moment when we could actually stand at what will be the view from two of the three master suites this villa has.  These two are located on the lower level of the home, can't wait to post pictures of what it will look like from the main level, one floor up.

Concrete has arrived, first truck of four.

And more concrete….

Next week…..strip the concrete forms and begin waterproof the cistern walls, both interior and exterior.
Also, continue excavation for the remaining part of the lower level.
More to come…….

Monday, April 7, 2014

We've got concrete

Week Three and moving along smoothly!!

We managed to finally stop pounding rock and began to form for the footings of the cistern.


Not only did we have our first concrete pour, we flew stateside to pack our first container for the job site.  That went extremely smooth and the container should be on island within a week :)
Back on island and taking in the view Sunday afternoon.  Looking forward to another concrete pour this week.  Time for walls!!!  Below is another pretty pic of the view.  It keeps getting better the closer we get to finish grade.