Monday, July 21, 2014

Roof is Framed and Container with windows and travertine is on its way!

Been a very intense 3 weeks since our last post getting ready for the next and final structural concrete pour. Over the past few weeks all of our roof framing materials arrived on site as we planned ahead and ordered the material from Florida long before it was needed on site.  The "curb appeal" is beginning to materialize!

In efforts to keep the job on its lightning pace we have planned ahead, the general contractor should  always be thinking three weeks ahead.  This way you have what you need when you need it as opposed to being "down".  Below is a picture of the 3X8 rafters being set in place in the concrete forms.

Once the rafters are in place and all electric, plumbing, and AC work is complete, the remainder of the forms are set in place and braced.  We will notch the top of each rafter and lay rebar in the notch and then "hook" that piece of the rebar with another piece of rebar to the beam made which is also made out of rebar that will be cast in concrete called a "ring beam".  The picture below is the ring beam which ties all of  the arches of the veranda/lanai to the colums which anchor the roof to the slab below.  Pretty impressive if I must say so myself.

Below is a picture showing our crew hard at work to meet our July 24th 80 +/- yard pour.  If you look closely at the bottom of the columns you get a glimpse of some of the stone work that will accent this  beautiful villa.

 Below is a pretty impressive view from below the villa looking up

Backing up a few steps..... the picture below represents some of the rafters for our roof.  We stand them on edge to allow the wood to dry for a week or two before we plane the boards to "clean" the boards up so they look nice once in place.

This is a picture of the power planer which makes the appearance of the rafters really crisp and clean.  

Overall we are two months ahead of schedule.  Our concrete is looking to be below budget as we thought this project thru thouroughly and budgeted properly.  Our entire project is actually under budget.  We may be the first to ever say that on island!  Our final picture is one of our doors that was loaded in the container that was shipped out of Chicago today. They should be on island over the next couple of weeks and we will be ready to install all of them.  Thursday the 24th is our concrete pour.  We will update the blog most likely friday evening.